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 HI Life created a new way to share personal experiences through social media...in a GAME!


Our mobile app lets players experience their possibilities with dating, college, travel, relationships, wealth, and careers.  Located around the world, our team at Hidden Impact are extremely creative, passionate and agents of change.

Our core values include out-of-the-box thinking, equal opportunity, diversity, and most importantly...PURPOSE!

100's Dates

Go for the buff guy or the biker chick and see what happens! 

Earn Millions

Earn, invest or just blow your money on the next new thing.

Create Them

They say you can't choose your family...we say you can! 

Top Colleges

Apply to Ivy's or a party school and experience college life. 

The World

Take trips to global hot spots or seek local adventures together.

Buy Property

Finally buy that mansion you want, nay, you deserve. 

Real Relationships

Invite your current friends as you build lifelong bonds...or not! 

Add Yours

Get Fido and Fluffy in on all the fun, too! 

Exciting Careers

Dream jobs like Rapper, Movie Star or even YouTuber.

HI Life...

    more than just a game



To create such an ambitious, realistic life-simulation, which includes tens of thousands of situations, requires the commitment of many groups.  Join one below: 

Contact us...

56 Keeley Avenue, New Britain, PA 18901

info@HiddenImpact.com \\ Tel: 646 369-4015


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